The CFI awards are worldwide so being recognised for our contribution to Risk management at this level is something we are thrilled with.
To be shortlisted along with other top listed companies is a great achievement itself however, to have been crowned winner, confirms what we are doing in the FX market is being recognised and a truly invaluable service to helping businesses with their Risk Management and Currency Exchanges.

Nobody can reliably predict exchange rate movements yet many businesses are happy to adopt a best guess approach to their currency exposures. Recent fluctuations owing to COVID perfectly highlight the need for every company to have a solid and robust currency policy in place. A lack of management can lead to profit margins being erased and the cost of sales increasing without warning and this does not need to be the case. Timing and understanding are key – and Central FX insists there is no reason for this to be complicated. The London-based company represents a perfect hybrid between personal service and technology.  It has developed data-driven software called Hedgemaster that enables companies to manage their currency exposures according to their business goals. Instead of basing decisions on what is considered to be good or bad rate, instead the hedging tool focuses on cashflow forecasts. Clients can align their risk-management policy with individual growth and profitability targets. Hedgemaster continuously monitors the market to assess exposure and gives prompts when hedging action should be taken. In Hedgemaster, Central FX has developed a single tool that combines the analytical power of AI with sound hedging principles. The AI analyses input data — sales forecasts, pricing changes, hedging strategies and rate moves — to help businesses maximise opportunities. Each client will be provided with their own dedicated risk expert who will take the time to conduct an in depth understanding of the company profile and targets. They can also provide assistance in getting the best execution for the agreed hedging strategy. Central FX forges ongoing partnerships and guides clients towards strategies that minimise exposure to risk. Over the past decade, it has catered to whole variety of industries within the UK, expanding across Europe and the rest of the world. The judging panel is impressed and declares Central FX winner of the 2020 award for Best Currency Risk Management Partner (UK).