What is Hedgemaster?

Hedgemaster is a tool for managing and monitoring your currency risk. It makes sure your hedging decisions are driven by your data. Not sentiment.

How Does Hedgemaster Work?

Your Hedgemaster account requests unique information about your business which is then used to estimate your cash flow exposure, using the analytics engine.

HedgeMaster then uses your data to provide a tailored summary of all your exposures and allows you to set your risk management policy and tailor it with simple levers based on your particular business needs and dynamics – like growth rate, profitability and your risk appetite.

Continual Monitoring

HedgeMaster continually assesses your currency risk, providing notifications when it’s time to take action to implement your strategy as well as providing reporting for sharing your hedging strategy with other leaders in the business.

Any hedging requirements identified by HedgeMaster can then be executed with your dedicated Currency Risk Expert at Central FX.

Master Your Currency Risk Using Data. Not Sentiment

Join the hundreds of financial directors who already rely on HedgeMaster to automate the monitoring and management of their currency risk.

Don’t just manage your currency risk. Master it.

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