As a US National and a retiree from a major US corporation, the bulk of my retirement income sits in the US while I have tax liabilities and personal expenses in the UK.
Since my retirement in mid-2012, I was transferring my dollars through my bank paying high fees while getting a low exchange rate and no customer service. At the same time, I felt uncomfortable, sending my money through an unknown company.

I then met a member of the Central FX team through BNI. I have been with Central FX since 2015 and the service and support has been outstanding. My money arrives into my UK bank account when I need it and the Central FX rep will alert me to a good time to convert dollars to get the best rate.

I highly recommend Central FX, and Adam Stark a company director, to any individual or business looking to exchange currency with peace of mind regarding cost, efficiency and excellent customer service.

Bev Solinger