Bank of England Reports Published in March 2022


Latest results from the Decision Maker Panel survey – 2022 Q1 – Read the report

The Decision Maker Panel (DMP) is a survey of Chief Financial Officers from small, medium and large UK businesses.

UK International Reserves – March 2022 – Read the report

The Bank of England manages the UK’s official reserves on behalf of the Government.

PRA Regulatory Digest – March 2022 – Read the report

The PRA Regulatory Digest is for people working in the UK financial services industry and highlights key regulatory news and publications delivered for the month.


National Insurance rise starts to hit pay packets

From: The BBC

The burden of tax falling on workers and employers has increased as a hotly-debated rise in National Insurance payments takes effect.

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European Market Wrap: Oil Slides, FTSE Stalls as EUR/USD Eyes NFP’s

From: Daily FX

Crude oil is once again at the forefront of headlines as the United States considers releasing an estimated one million barrels of oil per day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) over the next few months (with the maximum 180M barrels accounting for approximately one third of its reserves).

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British Inflation Overshoots Again to 6.2%

From: Daily Forex

The UK released its monthly CPI data. This showed annualized inflation increasing at a rate of 6.2% which is the highest recorded level since 1992. The rate was slightly higher than the consensus forecast of 6.0% and was a strong increase on the previous month’s annualized inflation rate of 5.5%.

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Morning Bid: Inflation or growth?

From: Reuters

A JPMorgan survey shows a record high 86% of its clients planned to raise equity exposure. It is unclear if those plans will have come unstuck after the latest spurt in oil and commodity, and galloping inflation expectations.

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ECB sees inflation stabilising around 2% target: Lane

Euro zone inflation is increasingly likely to stabilise around 2% but the European Central Bank should be ready to change course if the outlook deteriorates due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, ECB chief economist Philip Lane said on Thursday.

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FX Rates in March


Mar High: 1.2140
Mar Low: 1.1756
Mar End: 1.1756



Mar High: 1.3435
Mar Low: 1.3030
Mar End: 1.3128



Mar High: 1.1215
Mar Low: 1.0854
Mar End: 1.1164