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Ever thought about the hidden cost of International Recruitment
and how to save on them

Do you invoice for services in foreign currency? If you specialise in securing overseas talent for your clients, your business will be exposed to international invoicing and the unpredictable foreign exchange market – a crucial factor that is sometimes overlooked by recruiters who view it as an inevitable cost to be absorbed and deducted from profit.

Currency risk is a consequence of foreign exchange transactions, but it doesn’t have to lead to additional costs. Consider the opportunity cost of inaction, which will leave your international invoices at the mercy of unpredictable market movements. Be proactive by considering how these fluctuations can impact your bottom line – and what can be done to mitigate them.

Have you considered how planning and timing your foreign exchange transactions can act as a powerful tool to optimise profitability? The dynamic nature of currency markets means timing is crucial when attempting to make cost-effective international transactions – and all it takes is a little planning to achieve this.

The hidden cost of international recruitment

At Central FX, we combine our currency market know-how with tailored solutions – made by us – to help your business adopt a proactive approach to currency risk management.

Do you recognise the threat posed to your bottom line by currency risk, but lack the resources to mitigate it in-house? Our years of experience mean we understand that SMEs are typically unable to operate a PLC standard treasury function. To overcome these constraints, they require the support of a specialist currency provider on a more flexible basis.

We do more than just push the buttons that execute your international payments. Through our relationship-led approach, we take the time to understand your business’s unique requirements so we can optimise your cash flow and improve your bottom line.

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Mitigating currency risk and facilitating quick and cost-effective international payments is what we do. Do you find foreign exchange markets a daunting prospect to navigate amid a sea of political and economic influencers?

We use our knowledge and experience to cut through the jargon and provide you with a personal service that prevents foreign exchange from being a cost you swallow. Don’t wait for the foreign exchange market to fluctuate before you react; take control of your international invoicing by contacting Central FX today to arrange a foreign exchange performance analysis.