UK Retail Sales out today.

The foreign exchange (FX) markets experienced notable fluctuations on 20th July 2023 as market participants reacted to key data releases and geopolitical developments. Here’s a recap of the events that shaped the market for the currencies GBP, EUR, and USD:

GBP (British Pound): The British Pound (GBP) encountered mixed trading conditions on 20th July. Market participants were closely focused on the release of UK retail sales data for June, scheduled for later today. Retail sales figures provided insights into the strength of consumer spending in the UK economy and were crucial indicators for the Bank of England (BoE) to assess the overall economic health. Any surprises or deviations from market expectations in retail sales could impact the GBP’s performance and influence the BoE’s monetary policy decisions.

EUR (Euro): The Euro (EUR) displayed strength on 20th July, supported by positive economic data releases. Market participants received encouraging signals from the Eurozone’s PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) figures, indicating expansion in the region’s manufacturing and services sectors. The robust PMI data bolstered confidence in the Eurozone’s economic recovery and contributed to the EUR’s performance. Additionally, speeches from European Central Bank (ECB) officials were monitored for hints regarding the central bank’s monetary policy trajectory.

USD (United States Dollar): The United States Dollar (USD) faced headwinds on 20th July after the release of disappointing economic data. The US housing market showed signs of weakness as housing starts and building permits data fell below market expectations. The lower-than-anticipated figures raised concerns about the health of the US housing sector and the potential implications for economic growth. These data releases weighed on the USD’s performance and influenced market sentiment surrounding the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy path.

Key Data Releases:

  • UK Retail Sales: Market participants eagerly awaited the release of UK retail sales data for June. The figures provided insights into the strength of consumer spending in the country, impacting the GBP’s performance and influencing the BoE’s monetary policy decisions.
  • Eurozone PMI Figures: The release of the Eurozone’s PMI data provided insights into the region’s economic activity and recovery. Strong PMI figures signaled expansion in both the manufacturing and services sectors, supporting the EUR’s performance.
  • US Housing Starts and Building Permits: The release of US housing data showed disappointing figures, raising concerns about the health of the US housing market and its potential impact on economic growth. The data releases influenced market sentiment and weighed on the USD’s performance.

In conclusion, the GBP experienced mixed trading conditions as market participants eagerly awaited key retail sales data for June. The EUR exhibited strength, supported by positive PMI figures indicating economic expansion in the Eurozone. Meanwhile, the USD faced headwinds due to disappointing US housing data, which raised concerns about the US economic outlook.

Economic Calendar

06:00GBP Retail Sales (MoM)(Jun)0.2%0.1%
12:30CAD Retail Sales (MoM)(May)0.5%1.1%

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