Managing Your Currency Risk & International Payments

At Central FX we help our clients to manage their currency risk and international payments by understanding the core factors that are unique to their business and developing a currency risk strategy.

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Managing Currency Risk

Our team of Currency Risk Experts work with corporates and private clients to manage and simplify their currency risk in three simple stages:

  1. Identify the risk
    We complete a Currency Risk Assessment to understand their needs, their numbers and crucially how market fluctuations may adversely affect them.
  2. Create a strategy
    With the risk identified, we help to create a strategy that meets their specific needs.
  3. Execute that strategy
    That strategy is then executed and we work with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure their currency risk remains both understood and under control.

Find out more about our Currency Risk Assessment as well as the factors that define your currency risk here.

The guidance we received from Central FX has always been accurate, on our last deal with the rate being so high we bought a forward contract, resulting in a £12,000 saving compared to the rate we would have got once the contract matured.

Managing Director, MG Trading Castlefield

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